What is a marine stator?

A marine stator is the heart of your watercraft's charging and/or ignition system, responsible for producing the electrical power needed to keep your battery in good condition, and your spark plugs firing.  Without a good working marine stator, your personal watercraft or outboard motor is, unfortunately, dead in the water.  

Different stator configurations for marine usage

There are a few different configurations for a marine stator, depending on what type of electrical system your motor or vehicle uses.  Almost all Personal Watercraft motors have a battery, which is necessary to power an electric starter. In these systems the stator will have one or more coils responsible for producing power for charging the battery while the motor is running.  Many older marine watercraft and outboard motors power their ignition system directly from the stator, which requires the stator to have a separate coil, called a source coil, to produce ignition power.  In many applications with an electronic ignition system, and component called a pulser coil is attached to the stator wiring harness, responsible for generating a timing pulse for the ignition controller.  

All of these important functions combine to make your marine stator a critical part of your personal watercraft engine or outboard motor. Make sure to use a high quality unit from a reliable manufacturer, like RMSTATOR!