What is important when buying a marine stator?

High quality marine stators are critical on water

The most important thing to look for when buying a marine stator is extremely high quality.  Marine stators are used in personal watercraft and marine engines, all of which can be in use on the water far from shore.  A failure of a marine stator can cause a serious situation to the rider, driver, and passengers.  High quality marine stators, like those from RMSTATOR, are produced from the best materials including high temperature insulated wire for the windings and metal core insulation to protect the wire. This results in long life and reliable operation in all situations.  

OEM grade marine stator components

It is also very important to buy a stator that includes an OEM quality rubber grommet and factory-style sealed connectors. This ensures the crankcase cover stays perfectly sealed to the motor around the stator wires and keeps out water and moisture from contaminating the oil and damaging the stator windings.  The factory-style sealed connector is just as important to keep moisture out of the wire insulation and connector terminals, which can quickly cause corrosion and high resistance, a quick way to produce electrical problems!

RMSTATOR manufactures marine stators with OEM quality materials, including high temperature insulation and factory-specification grommets and connectors. Make sure to use one on your personal watercraft or outboard motor to ensure long lasting reliability.